Am-Tran’s Freight Transport Capabilities

We speak with Am-Tran's bobtail driver, Jorge Fernandez, about our freight services

Did you know that the Am-Tran fleet includes two bobtails for freight transports? In honor of national trucking week, we’re diving into our freight services and talking with our bobtail driver, Jorge Fernandez, to learn more about what he does. 

A bobtail is a particular vehicle that is used for heavy loads that are usually pallitized. We have two sizes in our fleet—16 and 24 feet. The advantage is that they are larger than cargo vans, easier to get freight in and out of, and easier to move freight around within the vehicle. 

Their size also presents a challenge, making it difficult at times to get into certain locations. In addition, pallitized freight often has special handling requirements that many drivers aren’t qualified to deal with. 

Our customers opt for bobtail transport for several reasons. For starters, the 16-footer enables us to get into some tight spots that larger vehicles can’t access. Additionally, we have a lift gate and pallet jack, which enable us to make street level deliveries. We have the capacity to handle hazardous materials as well. And finally, we have a single driver who gets to know a customer’s particular requirements. This provides a unique sense of security that the job will be handled confidently. 

Our bobtail driver, Jorge Ferndandez, has worked with Am-Tran for more than 18 years. 

“I would say the people are what I like most about working at Am-Tran. The people I work with and my customers too. I have very good customers.”

When Jorge isn’t working, he loves spending time with his family. “I love staying with my grandchild!”

If you’re interested in freighted transport, give us a call. We specialize in medical transport and our vehicles and drivers are expertly equipped to handle medical specimens, documents, and other sensitive materials.

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