Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services

Total fleet management

We specialize in fleet management services for California medical facilities. Whether you want to grow your existing fleet or replace it entirely, we’ll help you do so efficiently while saving you thousands. With hands-on management, advanced technology, and twenty years in the business, we eliminate the headache of fleet management so you can focus on delivering the best patient care.

Scale operations with ease

Scale your operations up or down quickly and easily thanks to our robust network of vehicles, medical couriers, and 24/7 dispatching capabilities. As you grow, we can too.

Save time and money

Managing an in-house fleet and courier operation is costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing your logistics will save you money and free up your staff to focus on primary business concerns.

Maintain complete control

Maintain full control of your operation with all the benefits of an in-house team, at a much lower cost, and without the administrative headaches of hiring, training, and vehicle maintenance.

Fleet management solutions

We can handle all your fleet logistics, from vehicle purchasing to maintenance, insurance, and liability. Each fleet management solution is tailored to the exact needs of a given facility and encompasses the following:

Vehicle purchasing
Title, license, registration
Fuel management
Service & maintenance
Driver safety management
Tolls & violations management
Insurance management
Accident & collision management
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We serve a wide range of health care providers

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Hospital transports are of the utmost importance. Make sure those deliveries are in the hands of a dependable medical delivery service.

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The delivery of pharmaceuticals to hospitals, assisted living facilities and patient homes is in good hands with us

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Medical Labs

Everyone relies on the safe and timely transport of samples, paperwork, and more from medical labs. Place your trust in our medical delivery services.

Replace an Entire Fleet

We'll help you build a fleet to meet your exact needs

We can replace your fleet entirely. Our professional team will handle your fleet and represent your company as if it were their own. You will maintain complete control of the operation while no longer needing to manage your fleet internally, freeing up time and resources to focus on other areas of your business.

Grow an Existing Fleet

Scale your fleet with ease

We can augment your fleet without the hassle. Our team can seamlessly expand your logistical capabilities beyond your current capacity. In partnering with us, you can scale your operations to meet your growing business needs without needing to acquire more equipment and personnel.