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We offer customized logistics for leading California medical facilities

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We offer expert medical courier services

Am-Tran provides a wide variety of services tailored specifically to hospitals and laboratories. Whether moving specimens between departments or equipment between facilities Am-Tran understands the needs of the healthcare industry.

Our dedicated vehicles are equipped with everything needed to safely transport these items. Drivers are specifically trained to be an extension of your own staff. Am-Tran’s singular focus on delivery efficiency will save time and provide the control you are looking for.

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We serve a wide range of health care providers

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Hospital transports are of the utmost importance. Make sure those deliveries are in the hands of a dependable medical delivery service.

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The delivery of pharmaceuticals to hospitals, assisted living facilities and patient homes is in good hands with us

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Medical Labs

Everyone relies on the safe and timely transport of samples, paperwork, and more from medical labs. Place your trust in our medical delivery services.

Is your courier company certified to properly handle your medical delivery needs?

Our drivers undergo extensive training to ensure they know about proper specimen handling procedures and requirements. Drivers renew their qualifications annually and are rewarded for maintaining best driving practices. Our training program covers:

We understand the critical nature surrounding medical specimen deliveries. We've served the California medical community for nearly 20 years and have maintained a strong reputation for providing the safest and most reliable medical courier service.

HIPAA certification

All our drivers are HIPAA certified to guarantee the privacy of your patients

Safe hazmat handling

Our drivers are trained to handle hazardous materials safely and to provide top-level care of sensitive products

Temperature control

All transports are carefully temperature controlled to ensure the quality and reliability of transported goods

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Everything went super-smoothly this morning. Pickup was within the promised time window, I got all the notifications, and Jorge landed that pallet exactly where I’d laid out the blue tape on the garage floor. This was my first time arranging such a shipment and I appreciated your answering my many questions. Thanks for the great LTL experience!


Thank you again for another job well done with these sensitive shipments! I truly appreciate everything you do. I know I can always count on you to get the job done. Thank you!!!

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