Medical Courier Services

Medical Courier Services

Same-day medical courier services

We offer same-day delivery to meet the most time-sensitive requirements. At every step, our hands-on support ensures a worry-free delivery. With decades of experience partnering with hundreds of healthcare facilities, we have maintained a strong reputation for providing the safest and most reliable medical courier service. Our focus on consistent and timely deliveries with careful attention to each product’s needs enables us to understand and address the unique challenges of transporting medical goods.

HIPAA certified drivers

All our drivers are HIPAA certified to guarantee the privacy of our clients and patients

Temperature control

All transports are carefully temperature controlled to ensure the quality and reliability of transported goods

Safe hazmat handling

Our drivers are trained to handle hazardous materials safely to provide top-level care of sensitive products

What we transport

We specialize in the careful handling and transport of medical specimens, equipment, and materials. Our drivers are specially trained and vehicles carefully equipped to handle whatever medical transport needs your facility requires.

Medical specimens
Blood Work
Lab samples
Biopsies and tissues
Medical records
Medical equipment and devices
Sterile processing products
Surgical equipment
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who we work with

We serve a wide range of health care providers

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Hospital transports are of the utmost importance. Make sure those deliveries are in the hands of a dependable medical delivery service.

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The delivery of pharmaceuticals to hospitals, assisted living facilities and patient homes is in good hands with us

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Medical Labs

Everyone relies on the safe and timely transport of samples, paperwork, and more from medical labs. Place your trust in our medical delivery services.

Scheduled & Routed Deliveries

Save time and money with one routed delivery network

We schedule our routes to ensure the day and time of arranged stops do not change. Scheduled routes are customized to meet your facility's needs, including same-day delivery. By consolidating pickups into optimized routes, we reduce the cost of transport and provide efficient and dependable deliveries.

On-Demand Couriers

Meet on-demand delivery requests with ease

Meet your on-demand delivery needs with our robust network of expert medical couriers. We deliver on your schedule, anytime. This includes on-demand transport of essential goods without an existing service route. We offer after-hours and overnight pick-up and drop-off with a live dispatcher available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issue. And as always, we provide fast and reliable same-day delivery.