Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Improve Courier Service and Quality

How technology impacts our industry and how it drives quality & efficiency at Am-Tran

In a world where customers expect deliveries to be quick and convenient, incorporating the latest technology is essential in providing the highest quality courier service. 

This November, Am-Tran took a big step to do just that by migrating to a new, state-of-the-art routing and dispatch system called Xcellerator. With this new enterprise software, our customers have a bounty of advanced order management capabilities and our dispatchers have enhanced tools to optimize routes with the greatest efficiency.

We believe in the power of technology to drive courier excellence. We’ve designed our operations and our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) around it. In this blog, we discuss the impact of technology on this dynamic industry and how it drives efficiency and quality for us.

Tracking accuracy

Real-time GPS technology allows customers to track their deliveries with greater accuracy. Dispatchers leverage this technology to monitor their drivers and vehicles as well to anticipate any issues and route most efficiently. 

Real-time updates

Following the progress of an item in transit can inform important operational decisions for our customers. That’s why we leverage real-time automated updates to keep them informed on important aspects of their delivery status. 

Real-time updates also allow us to communicate any unexpected delays to customers, making for more transparency and smoother operations overall.

Shorter delivery times

Courier companies are able to shorten delivery times on average thanks to advanced route planning softwares. This is especially valuable for routes with multiple stops. Shorter delivery times lead to greater on-time and early deliveries—a win-win for customers and couriers alike.

Route efficiency

New routing software also allows couriers to plan multi-stop routes more efficiently. Doing so brings the cost per mile down on deliveries which translates to cost-savings for customers. 

An expert courier company will go one step further and partner with your directors or managers to find further opportunities for route optimization amongst departments, facilities, and other traditionally siloed operations.

Convenient billing

Customers can review, pay, and archive invoices easily using an online courier portal. This makes for greater efficiency and transparency, both of which can lead to cost and time savings. 


We will continue to adapt our business to the latest technology. This improved software is part of our ongoing effort to provide the best service for our customers. We look forward to driving success for your business for years to come! Call us to inquire about services today. 

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