Your Final Mile Partner in California

Looking for a partner to help with medical deliveries in Northern CA? Look no further.

If you’re a shipper looking for a partner to help you with medical deliveries in Northern California, you’ve come to the right place. Partnering with us is the easy and profitable thing to do. Here’s why.

Where we operate

Based in San Mateo, CA, Am-Tran’s network of dedicated drivers is concentrated in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley, and it continues to expand. With nearly 20 years of experience, we know Northern California really well.

Our specialty

Am-Tran specializes in customized logistics for leading California medical facilities. We are in and out of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies every day. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; you can always reach a live dispatcher for assistance.

Our drivers are all HIPAA compliant and thoroughly trained to safely transport bio-hazardous materials. The Company is a TSA certified Indirect Air Carrier that services all major airports in the region.

In short, we know where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

Why opt for a regional provider?

As a regional courier company, Am-Tran’s exclusive focus is on Northern California. This provides our customers the peace of mind that comes from having dispatchers and drivers who have a deep familiarity of the region, its roads, regulations, and traffic patterns.

Here are some ways we excel as a regional service provider:

Greater efficiency

In addition to having advanced routing software capability, our drivers and dispatchers know our service region like the backs of their hands. As a result, we can operate more efficiently, and nimbly make adjustments as necessary.

Faster delivery

Our concentrated footprint enables Am-Tran to establish a high dedicated driver density. Dedicated drivers are more accountable, easier to communicate with, and committed to Am-Tran’s mission. This combination produces faster and more reliable deliveries.

More control

With drivers and dispatchers who grew up in the region, and who are dedicated to Am-Tran, our customers get an unparalleled level of control with little or no oversight required. Staff is on-hand—in our case 24/7/365— to answer questions, place orders, and adjust quickly if need be.

What we offer as your final mile partner


Our drivers are the face of your company. As such, we instill in them a sense of pride and professionalism. They are properly dressed in a clean uniform, and have a problem solving mentality and good spirit. There is an expectation up front that each delivery is unique, that time is of the essence, and the security of the package can not be compromised.


We want to know where your stuff is as much as you do. For this reason Am-Tran has invested in state of the art technology that identifies where packages are in the delivery process, can communicate that to customers in an automated fashion, and enable customers to see for themselves.


We at Am-Tran understand accountability, and we handle this in two ways: the first is to have reports that summarize our performance (and raw data for those who want to do their own analysis). The second is to provide monetary incentives that back service quality. This combination aligns our interests with those we service and pushes us in the direction of continuous improvement.


Am-Tran provides first and final mile assistance for medical service providers in Northern California. Our local presence leads to greater efficiency, faster deliveries and ultimately more control for our customers. What our customers can expect is a higher standard of professionalism from our dedicated drivers, visibility into shipments in real time, and accountability that aligns our mutual interests.

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