2022 Year End Review

A letter from Am-Tran president, Jim Hobbs, on highlights and accomplishments in 2022

2022 has been a great year. As the Company’s president I want to take a moment to highlight some of the things we accomplished and to thank those who have helped along the way.

Let me start with safety. Am-Tran drivers traveled over a million miles without a significant workplace injury. Our mutual commitment to safety keeps people healthy, keeps costs down, and gives our customers a sense of security that we share their values. 

Another thing we did was restructure Am-Tran’s field operation and bring Bryan Coello onto our management team. We now have two full time field supervisors providing support to drivers and customers alike. This additional field presence has benefited customers in more accurate route timing, greater interdepartmental cooperation, and improved efficiency.

A third development was the integration of new enterprise software. This state of the art system comes with enhanced dispatch and routing capabilities. When combined with website integration, these new features have gotten packages picked up and delivered faster than ever, and streamlined the order entry process.

Finally, Am-Tran has continued to strengthen its balance sheet. What this means to customers is that the Company has the resources to continue investing in projects that improve safety and efficiency, that build the skill sets of our employees, and enable us to scale up quickly.

Our mission is to be the most efficient delivery service in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley, to enable and inspire our employees to reach for their dreams, and to build lasting and rewarding partnerships with our customers. 2022 was a great year. We are really excited for 2023.

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