Should Medical Facilities Consolidate Their Logistics?

Should multi-facility operations consolidate their logistics? We take a closer look

Transporting medical materials requires careful handling and oversight. When multiple facilities are involved, those logistics become even more complicated. If not handled well, lapses and delays could disrupt processes, defer treatment, or worse, cost lives. 

This might be why many hospital networks choose to allow their different departments to manage their own logistics discretely. However, a closer look at this method and its challenges reveals why optimizing logistics by employing one service provider instead of multiple is a better choice. 

The Challenges

Most multi-facility medical institutions could improve the efficiency of their operations by consolidating their logistics. How? Let’s discuss the key areas of conflict and how having a single service provider can provide better solutions.

Different Priorities

Different departments have their respective priorities and tend to focus on their own units. They also face a great deal of pressure to address time-sensitive tasks that take up their day. Finding time to think about how their needs could be meshed with the needs of another department simply gets pushed down the list of their priorities. 

Different Protocols

Different departments have different protocols, and synthesizing their practices with those of another department can be both complicated and time consuming. Adding to this challenge is the concern that individual department protocols will be compromised just to accommodate other departments’ needs. 

Fear of Change

Departments have long been accustomed to their existing practices and may not easily adapt to any change in their system. There is stability in scheduling, costs, personnel, etc. and any modification may be met with resistance, especially by managers. They tend to put more weight on the imagined risk than the uncertain reward.

The Solution 

One Outsourced Logistics Provider

Am-Tran understands the unique needs of medical facilities. Our specialty lies in handling and transporting materials ranging from lab specimens to pharmaceuticals, delicate supplies and medical records. 

We know the concerns that department managers have. Am-Tran has developed a system for integrating requirements in a manner that improves efficiency and instills confidence. We are a trusted partner of many medical facilities and institutions in California because of our thoughtful and careful handling of a wide range of materials that adhere to quality expectations of different departments.


Having a unified service improves quality without lowering standards. The key is to understand the unique systems within each department and demonstrate that those systems can be retained in a unified infrastructure that centralizes information distribution. The data belongs to the customer and can be accessed from anywhere. Our level of service is consistent for all our customers. 


When the logistics services are consolidated, needs that overlap can be combined, routes mapped better, and hours maximized. This leads to less cost and a more efficient system of sending and receiving materials. Everyone benefits from lower costs, a more expedient and optimized process.

Transitioning To A Single Logistics Service Provider

A multi-facility institution can minimize lapses and losses and set expectations more sensibly with a single logistics service. Shifting from different couriers to a single courier service provider may not be easy for large facilities but with us, a smooth transition is feasible. Proper communication and setting standard systems for all can minimize hiccups along the way as the departments move to a new service provider. 

The Am-Tran Advantage

Am-Tran has been a trusted partner of many multi-facility medical institutions with stringent material handling and transporting requirements. For years, we’ve committed to serving them with integrity and dedication so they can focus on patient care.

Contact us to know how we can consolidate your multiple facilities’ logistics needs in the most cost and effort-efficient way. Take advantage of economies of scale savings that come with partnering with us as your dedicated courier service provider. 

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