On-Time Delivery: 7 best practices for delivering on time

Best practices that impact on-time delivery & the difference a trustworthy courier makes

The quality of your healthcare facility operation relies on dependable and on-time deliveries. This is why your choice of a courier service provider must take into account their capabilities and track record on-time delivery performance. 

We explore seven best practices that impact on-time delivery, the difference that on-time delivery can make, and why you should choose only trustworthy service providers.

Keys to on-time delivery

1. Map routes carefully and effectively

A lot of resources like time, energy, fuel, and money are saved and efficiently spent when the courier maps out its routes beforehand. Some of the ways to effectively do this are: finding the fastest route and avoiding high traffic roads and bottlenecks, consolidating multiple pickups along the same route if possible, forecasting possible delays, and using alternative mapping for current and future deliveries. 

2. Communicate regularly and employ assisted dispatch

Optimizing dispatch systems is another way to ensure timely delivery. Any delay or disruption in dispatching can cause a chain reaction and affect loading, storing, and delivery.

Having a reliable assisted dispatch or software that prompts dispatchers with the best routes, available drivers, most efficient stops, the right vehicle, etc. helps courier services optimize their process and performance.

It also helps to have real-time communication systems with the clients to update them on the package’s whereabouts and provide responsive assistance if needed. 

3. Record order details for order accuracy

The more accurate the order details, the quicker the pick-up and the fewer escalations. A medical courier company should have a protocol for ensuring accuracy like making delivery destination notes, saving them as a reference, checking all delivery information for efficiency, and saving customer details of a frequent location for future deliveries. 

4. Prepare orders carefully

Order details and driver assignments must be checked and made beforehand to avoid mistakes. It is important to check the correctness of the driver assignment, vehicle type, and storage material before dispatching the delivery. 

5. Report frequently

Important details must be properly reported. Geo-coded time stamps to provide proof of delivery times, geo-coding to show driver and pickup details and delivery locations, and digital recordings of the delivery can help the customers get important updates and confirmations. 

6. Have a contingency plan  

Being ready for unforeseeable incidents is very important and medical couriers should have reliable and trained backups on standby for pre-scheduled services. A broad network of drivers and vehicles gives customers peace of mind that disruptions and non-delivery of their specimens are prevented.

7. Continuously review and improve 

Implementing improvement measures based on monthly on-time delivery report results can help refine flaws in the courier’s system and improve their service by making the necessary adjustments. Getting feedback from customers is also a good way for them to self-assess their performance.

Measuring on-time performance

On-time performance—the percentage of deliveries that arrive on time—is an essential metric to track. Am-Tran constantly evaluates this metric and adjusts its operation accordingly. For most customers, this figure is included in a monthly report that dives deeper into the specific tactics that Am-Tran is employing to maintain a level above 98%.

On-Time performance is just one of the many key performance indicators (KPI) that your facility should track to monitor the quality of service your medical courier provides. To learn about other KPIs, visit our blog Metrics that Matter: Key KPIs to Track for Medical Couriers.

Our commitment to on-time delivery 

Am Tran has been the trusted delivery partner of healthcare facilities throughout California. We build strong relationships based on reliable communication and transparency. By employing the strategies outlined above, we are able to achieve quality results at a high standard of service.

Contact us today to see how we can streamline your logistics.

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