Introducing a New Employee Resource Hub at Am-Tran

We've launched a Driver Resource Page for convenient driver support and interaction

This month, Am-Tran launched a Driver Resource Page to serve as a one-stop shop for any and all resources our drivers might need. With this new tool, drivers can get help on their own schedule.  We hope this will promote better training, and hopefully more driver interaction and feedback.

Employee resources are crucial for a thriving workplace. Our resource page is designed to serve as reference for employees to develop skills, receive training on important protocols and certifications, access tools and technology to improve their day-to-day, learn tips for good communication, and access feedback channels. 

The Power of Centralized Resources

Consolidating all our resources into one centralized location was a carefully orchestrated effort made by our entire management team. Our old model of housing resources across several of our internal channels was presenting significant challenges, in particular with information being difficult to find and at times out of date. 

By updating and locating everything in one place, we’ve eliminated confusion, improved efficiency, and created a system to support good decision-making amongst all team members. We’ve also improved knowledge sharing and collaboration and increased transparency on standard protocols.

Comprehensive and Relevant Resources

The Driver Resource Page has a wide range of available resources for our team. It includes training material, references to important points of interest (dry ice, car washes, gas station, etc.), company announcements, as well as fun employee features and stories. 

The Driver Resource Page is designed to cater to different employee needs on their own schedules. They can get immediate access to information that will solve problems. It also serves as a place to feel connected to what’s going on in the Company.

Here’s just a sample of some of the resources available:

  • Medical Courier Information & Best Practices
  • Proper Specimen Handling & Transport Guidelines
  • How-to Guidance on Sorting and Sequencing Jobs
  • Explainers on Service Levels, Temperature, and Job Types

Seamless Access and Mobile Integration

It was essential that the Resource Page was available to our drivers on the go, so we created an online portal that can be accessed on a mobile or desktop device. This flexibility in access allows employees to get the information they need on the road when issues arise, at the office, or when working from home. 

Integrating the Resource Hub into Daily Life at Am-Tran

We’ve taken a proactive approach in integrating a resource hub seamlessly into its existing workflows. As part of the onboarding process, each driver is provided with a personalized card featuring a QR code. This QR code serves as a direct link to the comprehensive Driver Resource Page, where drivers can access a wealth of valuable information and tools. 

To ensure that drivers are kept up to date with the latest updates and enhancements, Am-Tran actively promotes the resource hub through email and text blasts. These targeted communications notify drivers whenever new resources are added or updates are made, ensuring that they are well-informed and equipped to navigate their roles efficiently and effectively. 

By integrating the resource hub into existing workflows and employing strategic promotion methods, Am-Tran is empowering its drivers with easy access to essential information, fostering continuous improvement, and enhancing overall productivity.


The launch of Am-Tran's Driver Resource Page marks a significant step in ensuring a thriving workplace for our employees. By providing a centralized hub for all necessary resources, we aim to promote better training, increased driver interaction, and valuable feedback. We are confident that this initiative will contribute to a thriving and empowered workforce at Am-Tran.

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