In the Shadows: In Conversation with our After-hours Dispatchers

Our after-hours dispatchers share insights on their vital role, challenges, and day-to-day

When we think about the world of courier services, our minds often conjure up images of speedy delivery drivers and well-traveled packages. We applaud the dedication of those who brave all weather conditions to get our packages to our office or doorstep. But what about those working  tirelessly behind the scenes, in the late hours of the night, to ensure those deliveries happen seamlessly?

That's where our after-hour dispatchers come into play. They are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly in the shadows, orchestrating the intricate ballet of logistics and ensuring that your urgent transport reaches its destination, even when most of us are fast asleep. These dedicated professionals are the glue that holds the courier industry together, making sure that promises are kept and expectations are met.

We sat down with some of our after-hours dispatchers to understand their crucial role even better, uncover the challenges they face, and celebrate their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 

What does a typical shift look like? 

Laura: I run and send out end-of-day reports, manage orders, assign jobs to drivers, oversee scheduling, and address any changes or cancellations with the drivers.

Ricky: I shoulder all of the calls and the dispatching/driver coordination on weekends and holidays. 

Andrea: I oversee it all at night, tracking drivers, ensuring accurate communication with customers, helping with navigation, handling updates or last minute changes, and following up with customers. I also conduct audits and monitor morning routes to ensure timely departures.

What do you think is most important about 24/7 live dispatch?

Andrea: Just being able to build trust with our customers and reassure them that we’re here to help at any time. That any employee's need or concern can be answered at any hour.

Ricky: Having live dispatch staff allows us to thoroughly vet the jobs and clarify exact locations in very large hospitals, which may otherwise be overlooked. This is essential to support the driver's efficiency and prevent wasted time searching for the pick-up or delivery location. 

Laura: Being able to provide service to hospitals, pharmacies and other businesses at any time and for them to continue to call Am-Tran for pickup and delivery services.

What do you like about your role?

Laura: I like that this job gives me purpose to do something important. I’m also grateful for the great relationships I have with my co-workers and our regular customers.

Andrea: I really like the trust I am given to run my own ship at night. I like my hours and my team, and I like that, if and when I need help, management is there. 

What are interactions with customers typically like during your shift?

Andrea: Pleasant and to-the-point most of the time. I think they're usually on their way out and I like to be efficient and make this very easy for them. 

Laura: I would say very good. Especially the customers who call frequently. We are on a first name basis. 

Ricky: The customers prefer to speak to live dispatchers, not automation. 

About our interviewees

Andrea has been with Am-Tran since 2018 and Laura and Ricky both started in March 2022.

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