How to Choose the Right Medical Courier: 6 Things to Consider

With medical logistics, selecting the right courier is key. Consider these 6 key factors

When it comes to medical logistics, selecting the right courier is of the utmost importance. The safety and timeliness of each delivery are essential to delivering the highest level of care to your patients. Here are our top 6 things to consider based on nearly 20 years in the business.

1. Safety & Training

It’s essential that any medical specimen, medication, test, or other sensitive material is handled safely. The best way to guarantee that is to ensure your medical courier requires their drivers to undergo industry-standard training, testing, and recertification. 

Essential lab courier procedures, safe handling of biohazardous materials, bloodborne pathogen awareness, formaldehyde safety, cyto-toxicty transport: Am-Tran couriers are trained to do it safely.

2. On-Time Pick-up and Deliveries

Medical materials are extremely time sensitive. On-time pick-ups and deliveries are essential to safety and compliance as well as high-quality patient care. Your medical courier should have a demonstrated ability to pick-up and deliver on time. They should also work with your facility, and well as your associate facilities in different departments, to optimize routes for even quicker and more efficient deliveries. 

At Am-Tran, we deliver exactly how and exactly when you expect. Our proven track record shows we understand the importance of time-sensitive materials.

3. Temperature Control

Your medical courier must be equipped to safely deliver temperature sensitive medical goods and specimens. That means training drivers and equipping vehicles to maintain a specific temperature range throughout delivery. 

All our company vehicles are equipped with temperature controlled containers for frozen, refrigerated, and ambient specimens.

4. Privacy and Confidentiality 

Will your medical courier help maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your patients? Make sure your courier understands the importance of this and has a strict policy in place for doing so. 

All Am-Tran couriers undergo periodic HIPAA training and awareness.

5. 24/7 Customer Support 

When an issue arises, your courier needs to be available to address it. They should be available after business hours and on weekends as well. After all, the needs of your patients or your lab don’t ever rest.  Better yet, the dispatcher should be familiar with your facility, well versed in the logistics, and able to tailor their support to your unique needs. 

At Am-Tran, dedicated team members provide hands-on support for each customer account. And  a live dispatcher is always available to assist you with any issue 24/7 and 365 days a year.

6. Online Order Management

In this day and age, having the ability to manage your logistics online should be non-negotiable. Doing so gives you the ability to adjust, place, and track orders in real time and transparency over the entire operation. 

Am-Tran customers can track packages electronically in real time, as well as place orders and review all past deliveries. Notification of pickups and deliveries, including proof of delivery information, is all delivered electronically as well.

About us

Am Tran is the premier California medical courier service, specializing in logistics for hospitals, labs, pharmacies, clinics, and other medical facilities. We transport all kinds of medical materials, including lab specimens, blood, pharmacy products, sterile processing equipment, HIM materials, etc. We have a fleet of vehicles equipped with transport containers, separate areas for dirty/clean equipment, and safety supplies to manage any in transport irregularity.

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