Customer Engagement at the Forefront: Our Goal for 2023

This year we look at ways to increase customer engagement to deliver better service

To kick off 2023, we are setting goals for the year ahead and are committed to delivering on them in order to continue providing the best possible service. At the forefront of those goals is greater customer engagement. 

Customer engagement has always been integral to how we do business, and this year we want to take it to the next level. As a local operator, we’re more equipped to build relationships with customers than our national competitors. Our customers interact with our dedicated drivers and dispatchers in-person and over the phone all the time, building relationships that promote teamwork and efficiency. 

In the last two years, we’ve made a concerted effort to modernize our business with an advanced website, improved digital presence, and new enterprise software. In doing so, we’ve opened more avenues through which to engage with our customers. This year, we plan to leverage those new avenues to build even stronger relationships with our customers, and in so doing improve efficiency and productivity for the benefit of everyone. 

Why focus on customer engagement?

Top-notch logistics depend on clear communication and good relationships, which is why customer engagement is so important. In addition, we chose to focus on customer engagement because it: 

  • Enables our customers to directly influence our partnership & operations
  • Provides opportunities to bridge requirements between different departments and/or customers.
  • Personalizes the service for our customers
  • Leads to continuous improvement

How does this benefit our customers?

Every decision we make is based on how we believe we can best serve our customers. This goal is no different. Here are ways we believe increase customer engagement can benefit the customer experience:

  • Improved efficiency and lower prices
  • Better problem solving capability
  • Greater control over the service quality


We believe Am-Tran is successful only when our customers are completely satisfied and we hope our focus on customer engagement supports that. Whether you're interacting with us online or in person, you can expect personalized attention and prompt, reliable service. We value your business and look forward to building a lasting relationship with you in the coming year.

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