When Every Second Counts, Count on Us

Medical couriers are needed 24/7, 365 days a year. See how we deliver around the clock.

The lights never go out in a hospital, and emergency medication needs don’t stop for Christmas. Because of this, medical couriers are needed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A reliable service will be able to move what needs to be moved in a timely manner, provide effective and efficient communication, and in the end improve the patient care experience.

To get it done right requires a network of dedicated drivers, live dispatchers and local experience. If any of those pieces are missing, deliveries will fall through the cracks and patient care will suffer.

The challenge of providing 24 hour service effectively is that it requires scale. There have to be enough deliveries to maintain the network of drivers and to pay for the live dispatchers. Plenty of companies will try to do it with technology, but they spread themselves too thin. Imagine a dispatcher a thousand miles away trying to coordinate a driver they have never met through a hospital they have never seen.

Am-Tran provides 24 hour coverage throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It has a network of dedicated drivers that service dozens of hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies in the area. It has the scale to maintain a team of drivers and dispatchers who know our customers, and who have the experience to meet their needs securely and reliably.

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