Am-Tran's 2024 Roadmap: Elevating Our Drivers

This year we’re prioritizing our drivers and here's how

To kick off 2024, we’re setting goals for the year ahead and are committed to delivering on them in order to continue providing the best possible service. At the heart of this year's goals lie our drivers. This year we’re prioritizing their well-being, satisfaction, and professional development.

Our drivers are the backbone of our success. They are the face of Am-Tran to our customers in the field. They are the ultimate reflection of our dedication to continuous improvement. And they are the critical problem solvers that get packages to their destinations safely and reliably. 

When our drivers succeed, we as a company succeed. As such, we are also invested in the success of our drivers outside of Am-Tran. We want our company to be both a fruitful forever-career and a nurturing launch point onto other endeavors. That’s why we endeavor to also support our drivers inside and outside of the workplace.

Here are some of the ways we will support our drivers in 2024. 

Daily Operations

1. Improve driver communications.

The Company’s biggest challenge is to provide these drivers with the resources and inspiration they need to get the job done. In 2023 we created a Driver Resource site to better facilitate communication in general. This year we will expand on that to help drivers achieve their professional goals.

3. Foster an environment for input

We already have clear channels of communication for drivers to share feedback, concerns, and ideas. We want to strengthen these channels and regularly gather input to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall satisfaction among the driver workforce.

Driver Well-being

1. Enhance vehicle safety

Emergency Response Plans: Develop and communicate clear emergency response plans to drivers. This includes procedures for accidents, breakdowns, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Regular Safety Meetings: Conduct regular safety meetings with drivers to reinforce safety protocols, discuss recent incidents or near misses, and provide additional training as needed.

2. Foster an environment of support and input. 

Along those lines is a commitment to foster an environment of support and open communication. We want our employees to share their professional dreams and aspirations knowing that we will be as determined as they are to help them reach those goals. 

3. Support professional career development 

Our philosophy has always been “you work hard for us and we will work hard for you.”

Cross-Training Opportunities: Encourage or require employees to undergo cross-training in different departments or roles. This broadens their skill set and prepares them for more diverse roles within the company, as well as better opportunities for professional career development.

Encouraging a Learning Culture: Foster a workplace culture that values continuous learning and development. This can be achieved by recognizing and rewarding learning achievements and encouraging knowledge sharing among employees.

Driver Participation

Recognition and Rewards: Recognize and reward drivers for their good communication practices. Acknowledge those who consistently provide valuable feedback, share important information, or contribute to a positive team atmosphere.

Incentives for Participation: Introduce incentives for active participation in communication. This can be in the form of bonuses, recognition programs, or other rewards to motivate drivers to engage in communication initiatives.

Regular Meetings and Check-ins: Schedule regular team meetings or check-ins to discuss important updates, address concerns, and foster a sense of community among drivers. Face-to-face or virtual meetings can enhance interpersonal communication.


Our biggest goals for 2024 relate to our drivers. Specifically, we are striving to improve the channels of communication, foster an environment supportive of safety and professional development, and increase the direct driver participation in the organization of the business. At Am-Tran we believe that this is important for the well being of our community at large, and that a vibrant community will lead to happier stakeholders and better customer care.

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