A Modern Fleet With Lower Costs For A South Bay Pharmacy 

We helped a pharmacy achieve all the benefits of an in-house team at a much lower cost

Am-Tran showed a Bay Area pharmacy that outsourcing their operation could achieve all the benefits of an in-house team at a much lower cost and without the administrative headaches of hiring, training, and vehicle maintenance.

The Challenge

This Bay Area pharmacy operated an in-house courier operation to pack and deliver prescriptions and medical equipment to homes and hospitals. 

Conducting all delivery operations in-house was expensive and time-consuming for the Pharmacy and scaling operations to meet on-demand needs grew increasingly challenging. Am-Tran stepped in to lighten the load and meet rising demands.

Am-Tran Solution

The Pharmacy leveraged Am-Tran’s fleet management services to lower costs and scale more easily. Am-Tran purchased, outfitted, and branded new vehicles on the Pharmacy’s behalf. They also took over vehicle maintenance, insurance, and cost management. Am-Tran hired, trained, and dispatched drivers to pull inventory, package and transport orders. 

The Pharmacy manager smoothly transitioned from handling all logistics to overseeing Am-Tran operations without any loss of control.


From its collaboration with Am-Tran, the pharmacy gained a modern fleet built to its specifications and saved thousands on operating costs. They also increased their capacity to meet on-demand requests and scale operations efficiently.

Partnership benefits at a glance:

  • Lower labor costs by 30%
  • Lower operating costs due to outsourcing vehicle producement, retrofitting, maintenance, management, and insurance to Am-Tran.
  • Increased on-demand capabilities thanks to Am-Tran’s extensive network of drivers, vehicles, and 24/7 dispatching services
  • Streamlined order management with Am-Tran’s online portal for placing, tracking, and saving orders.

Want to learn how Am-Tran can make your organization more efficient? Get started by visiting am-tran.com or calling (877) 243-8733. 

Am-Tran is a leading provider of courier services that require customized solutions for delivery of time or temperature sensitive packages.

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