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New – LIVE CHAT Feature – Now On Am-Tran.com!

Am-Tran Services now has a new feature to make your shipping tasks even more convenient.  Am-Tran has added a live chat; this feature allows you to talk to a customer service representative to help you secure the right shipping choice for your needs.  When talking to a live Customer Care Representative, you will have the opportunity to ask all your shipping questions and receive instant feedback for your problems and concerns.

The best part is that shipping quotes are instant!  No more guessing about what the cost is, our Live Customer Care Representative will give your a quote in a matter of seconds.  With several shipping options to choose from, Am-Tran Services can meet all your shipping needs.  We offer same-day delivery, priority delivery, overnight delivery and San Francisco warehousing, all for your shipping convenience, tracked by GPS so you know exactly where your package is located.  We also deliver legal documents by courier for same day emergency situations.

To connect to a Customer Care Representative, just click the red Live Help button on our website and a Customer Care Representative will be connected with you right away.  Our highly trained Customer Care Representatives know all the answers to your shipping requests.  They will respond immediately to your concerns and provide your quote and your packaging answers; they will schedule a courier and tell you exactly when we will be there to pick up the package.  Through the GPS technology, you can be emailed when your package arrives, or you can track us yourself through your computer.

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Jim Hobbs, President of Am-Tran, Elected to Board of Directors of the California Delivery Association

All of us at Am-Tran are excited to report that Jim Hobbs, President of the Company, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the California Delivery Association (CDA).  Jim will lead the CDA’s committee on government relations.  The CDA is one of the nations leading state advocacy groups dedicated to promoting best practices among same day delivery companies.  Jim’s election underscores Am-Tran’s reputation in the industry as a leading provider of same day delivery services.  It will enable Am-Tran to interface with other industry leaders, as well as legislators, in a way that will help to shape the future of the same day delivery industry in California.

Am-Tran provides same day delivery services of hazardous and bio hazardous materials through the greater San Francisco and San Jose Bay areas and central valley.  With roots dating back to 1979, the Company has established itself as a leading provider of value added same day delivery services.  Jim’s election to the CDA’s Board of Directors will provide a great opportunity for Am-Tran to extend it’s influence throughout California.

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Am-Tran – San Francisco Same Day Courier Service

Frequently bay area companies require the use of same day courier service for their customers. One dependable San Francisco courier service is frequently desired in a way to get fast service consistently, especially to deliver vital, time delicate documents.

Sometimes emergencies happen to a company, and in case of a spur of the moment order, San Francisco courier services are able to render the same-day service a realization for the local businesses. Although many couriers provide this type of service, a few of them still do not offer it, so it is definitely merits checking them out when looking around for a courier.

Your patrons’ expectancies are remarkable important, thus when selecting a Bay Area courier is certain to ask about whether or not same-day service is offered. Do not get caught in a dilemma too late, causing you to be forced to search for the next courier once you discover the one you presently are using doesn’t provide that service.

Many times, San Francisco Courier services could still provide the same-day service to areas outside of the Bay Area. Once more, it is critical to know what is expected when you are researching for a good potential courier. You ought to ask about their service area, especially if your company reaches to an assortment of areas.

The rate of transporting packages might differ, so prices are valuable of consideration. Look into the itineraries the couriers run. Is there is an extra fee for delivering beyond of the Bay Area? This might not be within your budget of shipping rates, however, if manage to come across a dependable courier that can offer you these required services and save you some money and time in the process of it all.

If you are constantly trying to keep the customers satisfied because of bad service over problems with deliveries, it will definitely benefit your company’s clients and proceeds. Being equipped with a courier who offers same-day service to the locations you require, you give better service to your own clients with the guarantee that business could be directed in a timely manner with only a little pressure.

A company’s reputation could greatly depend on how well-organized and dependable it is at handling physical transactions. If the company cannot manage under pressure then it will not be able to manage to hold a business relationship with most clients or other businesses. The other more capable companies will get the business instead of yours getting it. Make sure to include this in your business strategy when planning your business.

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Am-Tran Goes Social on Facebook and Twitter!!

Am-Tran is a top San Francisco courier company that has been working for over 30 years to improve and update its procedures, techniques and digital software. Am-Tram does all of this to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty, and accordingly, our customers are loyal back to us. We provide warehousing, delivery services and courier services to many businesses throughout California and our company is constantly expanding.

Today, we’ve decided to further expand in an effort to be more accessible and just to have a little more fun with our customers. That’s right, we’re going social! You can now find Am-Tran on Facebook by CLICKING HERE . Please visit us today and ‘Like’ our page to get regular company updates, learn about our contests and more!

You can also follow us on Twitter, by CLICKING HERE to keep up with everything that’s going on with our ever growing company.

Here at Am Tran, we’ve always been on the lookout for ways that we can better benefit our customers. Our staff is constantly looking for the best deals we can get in order to bring down our clients’ total costs. We value every client and will go out of our way to make sure that everyone is satisfied with our work. To us, it is essentially bonding with our customer base and, by utilizing these social media networks; we believe that we are strengthening that bond.

Just because we’re being more social doesn’t mean that we are going to let our services slide. We’ve still got the latest and greatest courier dispatch software, we still take every step of the delivery process seriously and we still offer the highest standards of customer service in our industry.

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Am-Tran, the Leading San Francisco Courier and Bay Area Delivery Service!

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Am-Tran and Its Customers

Am-Tran is the top San Francisco courier company that has been working for over 30 years to improve and update its process, techniques, and technology.  Am-Tram does all of this to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty, and accordingly, our customers are loyal back to us. We provide San Francisco warehousing, Bay area delivery services and courier services to many businesses throughout California, and our company is constantly expanding. 

One reason why our company has been so successful in the courier industry is because we have trained our employees to always go above and beyond their best. We hold our customers in high regards, and our employees work hard to make sure that you are satisfied anytime you work through our company. Our delivery drivers are trained in working with hazardous and bio-hazardous materials, and we use GPS technology which allows clients to track their shipment at any time and know exactly where it is in real-time. Am-Tran can locate the exact delivery truck (and its route) for any package inquiry. 

Am-Tran also works on the side of the customer, looking for the best deals we can get in order to bring down our clients’ total costs. Generally speaking, this act epitomizes our attitude towards our customers. We value every client and will go out of our way to make sure that everyone is satisfied with our work. 

Am-Tran also has the latest and greatest courier dispatch software that not only includes the GPS technology that was mentioned earlier, but also includes online ordering, great customer service through an online web portal, and address verification.

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Am-Tran and TSA

Am-Tran is one of the few San Francisco courier service providers in the Bay Area that employs drivers with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) certification. This TSA certification ensures that drivers act with a high level of professionalism. Other qualifications are simply inadequate in comparison to TSA and it shows. Furthermore, Am-Tran’s TSA certified delivery drivers are qualified to transport, pickup and deliver shipments to and from Airports. This certification assures you that all cargo is safe and in excellent care. To take that one step further, shipments are completely trackable during the delivery process. This means never having to wonder where your shipment is or worrying about it being lost. Tracking a shipment is extremely easy.


In the past, Am-Tran only offered ground delivery. However, our transport services have recently changed to include ocean and air transport. This gives customers even more options than the many that Am-Tran already provided. Also, shipments can be sent anywhere in the world without problem. Am-Tran even has their very own Bay area warehouse that allows our customers to have items stored temporarily until they decide they want them to be shipped. This can help eliminate huge costs for a business that needs to have storage for their products. After all, overhead of storing items can get quite pricey. It also is much more convenient for a business that has other things to worry about. Let Am-Tran worry about it so you have more time for other more important things. You’re in good hands with Am-Tran! 

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Am-Tran Scheduled Deliveries

Does your business have a consistent need for scheduled deliveries?  Do you have deliveries that you need to be made time and again and on a regular schedule? If this describes even a mere a portion of your business, look into the advantages of Am Tran’s scheduled San Francisco delivery service. This service is perfect for a company that needs to have mail runs completed, bank deliveries made or regular client drop offs made.

What’s the reason that you should be considering scheduled bay area courier service for your repetitive deliveries?  Well, simply put, it can save you money! When you have a scheduled delivery service, we will consider your deliveries and attempt to fit them into a regular route that we are running with our fleet. So, why is this an advantage to you? Well, when we can fit your delivery into an existing route, it ends up costing us less money to make your delivery! In turn, we pass this savings along to you and get your daily deliveries made at a rate less than what you would pay for the same delivery on a non-scheduled service.


At Am-Tran, we are a flexible company that works diligently to put our customers first. Our focus is on the customer’s needs, so you don’t need to worry about trying to adjust your schedule to fit within some preexisting route. Instead, just tell us what you need. Am-Tran will look at your needs as carefully as we can and apply our shipping problem solving methodology to assist you in choosing the most efficient shipping at the best possible rates.

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Here at Am-Tran, we’re happy to announce a new San Francisco delivery service that we think is going to help our customers save even more money on their deliveries. We call them our new “Super Specials,” and hope that everyone thinks they’re as great as we do.


What’s happening with these San Francisco delivery Super Specials?  Well, at Am-Tran, we are going to be routing all of our daily scheduled work in advance of the actual shipments. Then, we’re going to send out an email to our Super Special customers. In that email, customers will be notified of the upcoming opportunities to take advantage of some great savings. Customers will be told a specific time frame for their deliveries, and if they can fit their shipments within that time frame, they will receive a significant discount for doing so.


We know that moving around the time frame of a delivery can be an inconvenience for a customer; so we wanted to make sure that the savings were worth it. That is why customers which take advantage of a Super Special are going to have the opportunity to save as high as 50% off the standard pricing on a shipment. We hope that, combined with the history of service provided by Am-Tran, this should be enough motivation to convince people to try the new service.

Despite that, we thought we’d go one step further in influencing people to try this new service.  Let us know that you’re interested in the program, and you’ll get a $5.00 gift card once you sign up.   


Please email unna@am-tran.com if you would like to sign up for these Super Specials!

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Announcing Am-Tran’s New Online Rewards Program!

As the leading San Francisco Courier Company, we hope that all of our clients had a healthy, happy holiday season and we are looking forward to an even better 2011. To help kick off a prosperous New Year, we want to introduce our brand new Online Rewards Program!  Am Tran is amongst the top Bay Area delivery providers.


With every dollar spent in online orders, our customers will now earn rewards points. That’s right! Every time an online order is placed, customers will earn 3 points per dollar spent. Points can be redeemed for tons of great rewards, such as travel, merchandise, tickets to events and so much more! If you are a current customer and have not yet received your welcome email or are uncertain what your login information is, please email unna@am-tran.com.


As an added bonus, Am-Tran will be rewarding the first 5 customers who get in touch with Unna, set up an online account and place their first online order a $25 Visa gift card!


Here at Am-Tran, we are focused on implementing the best available technology in our industry to ensure that our customers always receive the best service possible. We are really excited about our new online order entry portal, which is a super tool that can be easily used by anyone – not just account holders. If you have a credit card, you can easily place an order via our E-Courier System.


Our E-Courier software integration has enabled us to offer features that go far beyond basic order placement. With GPS integrated tracking, bar code scanning and easy inventory management, we are certain that this software will not only enable us to provide our customers with amazing shipping speeds, but an overall experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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