AM-TRAN Service Agreement

  • 1. RIGHTS. Unless a greater value has been placed on a shipment at the time that a request for service is made, it is agreed that in consideration of the rate being charged, the liability of the company for damages is limited to $50. If the sender declares to the order taker that the value of the shipment exceeds $50, we can furnish a rate, which will provide insurance against loss or damage to the shipment at the declared value, subject to certain limitations. When declaring the value of a shipment, the maximum allowable declared value is $2,000 per shipment. Even if a higher value is declared, AM-TRAN’s liability for loss, damage or delay will not exceed the shipment’s repair or replacement cost or its actual value, whichever is less, subject to the other limitations. The shipper will be responsible for providing proof of actual loss and complying with all claim-reporting conditions when filing a claim. In any event, we will not be liable for any damages whether direct, incidental, special or consequential, including but not limited to loss of income or profits, whether or not we had knowledge that such damages might be incurred. We will not be liable for: o Acts or omissions including but not limited to incorrect declaration of cargo, improper or insufficient packaging, securing, marking or addressing of shipments, or for the acts or omissions of the recipient. o Concealed damage in packages packed and sealed by shipper. o Theft, pilferage, or any attempt thereof from any unattended bicycle or motor vehicle. We will not be liable for loss of or damage to shipments of cash, currency, negotiable instruments or other prohibited items including but not limited to: stamps, coins, jewelry, original artwork, any type of perishable goods. We will not accept liability for items, which are not fully enclosed in a carton or proper packaging material. We do not accept hazardous goods, that is, any goods falling within the specifications of the Dangerous Goods Act. We will not accept liability for service for which the shipper has authorized AM-TRAN (either verbally or in writing) to deliver the shipment without obtaining a signature. We will not be liable for loss, damage or delay caused by the events we cannot control, including but not limited to Acts of God, perils of the air, weather conditions, acts of public enemies, war, civil commotions or acts or omissions of public authorities including customs and health officials with actual or apparent authority. We may at our option, open and inspect your packages. We reserve the right to reject a shipment at any time, when such shipment would be likely to cause damage or delay to other shipments, equipment or personnel, or if law prohibits the transportation of such shipment. Performance of COD Service will not constitute us as the shipper’s agent for any purpose. Cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards and counter checks will not be accepted as payment for a COD shipment. Checks, including cashier’s, certified, business and personal checks and money orders for the COD amount will be collected at the shipper’s sole risk, including, but not limited to risk of non-payment, fraud and forgery. The maximum acceptable COD amount is $2,000 per shipment. For higher amounts we require the shipper obtain pre-approval to ship via COD service and to sign a supplemental agreement. Shipping charges are due upon receipt of invoice. Should the shipper request that payment for the shipping charges be billed to either the recipient or to the third party, and payment is not received within 15 days of the original invoice date, the charges will revert to the shipper and the shipper will be liable for said charges. Subject to express instruction given by the Customer, we reserve absolute discretion as to the means, route and procedure for any transit and in the handling, storage and transportation of any consignment. If in our reasonable opinion, it is at any stage necessary or desirable in the Customer’s interest to depart from express instructions, we shall be at liberty to do so. All claims regarding damage to, loss or delay of any shipment must be submitted in writing to the company’s office within 15 calendar days from date of delivery of said shipment; otherwise AM-TRAN reserves the right to waive the claim. AM-TRAN is not obligated to act on any claim until you have paid all transportation charges, and you may not deduct the amount of your claim from those charges without the approval of AM-TRAN.
  • 2. AUTHORIZATION. By agreeing to this Agreement, I authorize AM-TRAN to serve as my company’s courier/delivery service. I agree to all of the terms of this Agreement, and authorize AM-TRAN to verify that the information provided on this Service Agreement is accurate.
  • 3. TERMS OF PAYMENT. Payments may be automatically charged to my credit card or due Net 10 days from invoice date. In the event that the credit card is declined, or payment is not received Net 10 days from presentation of invoice. Recurring charges will be charged to my credit card. Any billable service that exceeds the monthly limit will be charged to my credit card retroactively. In the event my credit card is declined, I shall be considered delinquent if payment is not received by the 15th day after the invoice date. If payment is not received by the due date, I realize that the account balance will be subject to late charges of (5%) of the outstanding principal balance or $100 which ever is greater. Service may be interrupted or discontinued by AM-TRAN for nonpayment of charges more than 10 days past due. I agree that I will be charged thirty-five dollars ($35.00) for every check or payment to AM-TRAN, which is otherwise rejected by a financial institution for any reason.
  • 4. CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION, INFORMATION, RECURRING PAYMENTS, AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION. I authorize AM-TRAN to charge the below credit card on a monthly, recurring basis for payment. In order to prevent any unnecessary interruption in service, I agree to notify AM-TRAN of any significant change to my credit card information, including; change of expiration date, change of name on the card, and change of billing address. In the event of a billing dispute, I agree that I will notify AM-TRAN in writing of any such dispute within forty-five (45) days after the invoice date. After forty-five (45) days, the billing will be considered valid. I will work with AM-TRAN to resolve the dispute, and not file any dispute resolution with my credit card provider until (15) business days after I have notified AM-TRAN of such dispute if it has not been resolved. In the event of any legal action over billing disputes, and AM-TRAN prevails, I agree to pay AM-Tran’s costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, and expenses incurred in connection with both litigating and collecting amounts due AM-TRAN. I certify that I am the legal signor and holder for the above referenced credit card, and that I am legally authorized to enter into this Agreement.

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