Hiring a Courier Company

If your package is not time or temperature sensitive, if it is not valuable, or if it does not matter how it gets there, you have a lot of options.

If you care about your package, these are the four things you want to know before you hand it over to the delivery driver.


1. Are they using an Independent Contractor to make the delivery?

Most courier companies use independent contractors. These contractors set their own rules about how and when packages get delivered, and they are not subject to Company policies or procedures, including training, uniform code, and customer service standards. Am-Tran only uses its own employees, or those of a partner, to make deliveries.


2. Are the delivery drivers in Company vehicles or their personal cars?

Many courier Companies require their employees to use their own personal cars to make deliveries, and then provide a nominal mileage reimbursement. What you get are cars that tend to be old and beaten up. Am-Tran deliveries are made in late model Company vehicles that are free from defects.


3. Can you find out where your package is at all times?

if it is an independent contractor, or an employee driving their own vehicle, the location of that vehicle, (and your package!), can not be independently verified. Am-Tran delivery vehicles have GPS locators built into them and they ping their location back to the dispatch office every twenty seconds.


4. Will they Guarantee an on-time delivery?

Most Courier companies will not guarantee an on-time delivery. Ask them, what happens if my package is late. Over 98% of Am-Tran’s deliveries arrive on time. When a delivery is running late, you will be notified in advance, and will be offered a discount of up 50% of the price of the job.


When you care about your packages, Am-Tran delivers!

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"I have been working with Am-Tran for several years now. Unna and all of the staff have consistently been reliable, easy to work with and the messengers are always professional and timely. There has never been a job too big or too small for Am-Tran to handle and no deadline to short. I rely on Am-Tran to deliver our transcripts to our clients and I have never been disappointed"
Leah Oblinger
Barkley Court Reporters
San Francisco, CA

Barkley Court Reporters