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Updating the Number of Pieces

This video will focus on updating the number of packages we pick up for a customer. This a continuation of our Am-Tran video training series.

Welcome, this is a continuation of our Am-Tran training video series. This video will focus on updating the number of packages we pick up for Cocopath.

Once you're ready once you're getting ready to pick up the job, you want to select the pickup address then Arrive/Scan button on the left. It will take you to the package screen.

Now, we will update the number of packages. Select the Add/Edit button on the bottom right. Select the package type you're picking up. Use the Add+ or Delete- button in the bottom middle to adjust the number of packages.

If you have a large number of packages, you can use the Edit button on the bottom right. You can enter the number of packages manually.

In this case, we will update the piece count of three room temperatures. Once you're done updating the information with what you're picking up, select Done on the bottom left. Then select Okay on the bottom left again.

Once we have everything on board and you're ready to depart, select the Depart button on the bottom right.

You can sign it, hit Submit, and Done.

In the Name section, put a brief description of what you picked up. In this case three room temperatures. It's always good to get a name of the person giving you the items and also include where you pick them up from and what area.

If a picture needs to be documented, select the Camera icon to take a picture, take a picture, hit Use Photo on the bottom right to save it.

Once all this information has been filled out and you're done, you're ready to leave, you can select Complete on the bottom right.

This completes the training video on how to update number of packages on Cocopath jobs. Stay tuned for more Am-Tran training videos. Thank you have a good day.