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Sorting and Sequencing Jobs

This video will focus on sorting and sequencing jobs. This a continuation of our Am-Tran video training series.

Welcome, this is the continuation of our Am-Tran training video series. This video will focus on sequencing and sorting jobs.

Once you have all the jobs on your manifest, you want to accept all jobs from your New Order screen.

Tap on the New Orders. Accept all jobs on the top right, you'll see Accept All.

After you accept all jobs, all jobs will be moved from your New Orders to Scheduled Orders automatically.

As you can tell from top to bottom, all these jobs are in a sequence based on their pick-up times. The top one is at 3:00pm, the second one 3:30, third one and 8:00pm, and so on and so forth. You can fix this.

At the top, you'll see the Filter. Tap on Filter. Then on the left you'll see Sort: Sequence. Tap on the Sort: Sequence.

You want to change the Sequence part. Scroll up till you find PFrom. Once you find PForm, hit OK. This will automatically put your jobs back in sequence of top to bottom.

That concludes this video on how to sequence and store jobs on your manifest. Stay tuned for more and tram training videos. Thank you