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Service Levels, Temperatures, and Job Types

This video will focus on where to find service levels, temperatures, and job types. This a continuation of our Am-Tran video training series.

Welcome, this is a continuation of our Am-Tran training video series. This video will focus on where to find service levels, temperatures, and job types.

The Schedule Order tab is the first place where you can find a snapshot of the job, including the pickup time or window, the due time, and the general information on what is being picked up.

It's a good practice to always check the detailed tab for all other information. Let's click on the Details tab on the job.

Then select the Detail tab again on the bottom left. On Android devices, this will appear on the top of the screen. And on iPhone you'll see on the bottom of the screen.

On the Detail tab, you will see all the information pertaining to this job: job number, service level, vehicle type, mileage, weight, caller information and phone number.

Under reference, you'll find reference 1 is the customer's tracking information, reference 2 is the service level requirements, reference 3 is what specifically you're picking up, and reference 4 is any special instructions

Selecting the pickup or delivery tabs will take you to additional details, along with a special instructions to those locations: Company Name, pickup window. If the pickup from and two times are the same, then that means it's a sharp pickup time.

Under attention tells you who you who you're seeing when you arrive at the location. You'll see your address and by clicking the blue map bubble that will bring the GPS navigation on their phone number by clicking the blue phone that will call a contact for this location, and most importantly special instructions pertaining to this location.

The Delivery tab will show similar information as the pick-up tab with the most important being the due time.

At anytime during the job you can also toggle back and forth to these tabs between detail, pickup, drop off, and package if needed.

As always, for any questions or items to be updated, please contact dispatch.

This concludes our training on where to find service levels, temperatures and job types. Please stay tuned for more Am-Tran training videos. Thanks