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Medical Courier Information Sheet & Best Practices

This text provides guidelines and instructions for Am-Tran couriers, including requirements for vaccinations, necessary equipment, communication with dispatch, instructions for using MobileTek Core, specimen transport procedures, accessorial charges, pickup and POD procedures, paperwork procedures, tracking devices, and TSA requirements.


Medical customers are now requiring both vaccinations and boosters; please make sure to provide proof of this to Unna Edmonds, our Operations Manager and have a “Vaccinated” badge made with dispatch.

Medical Courier # / Badges / Keys / Uniforms / Equipment

All medical courier must have: 

  • Their own individual driver number
  • Am-Tran Badges with driver number and vaccination emblem at all times while doing Am-Tran jobs
  • Coco Path Keys and any other keys necessary to access their jobs
  • Am-Tran Uniform (shirt or vest or jacket) at all times while doing Am-Tran jobs
  • Hand Truck, 3 separate coolers for room temp, refrigerated, and frozen specimens

Communication with Dispatch

  • Dispatch is your first point of contact for all issues, questions and concerns
  • Check in with Dispatch on Google Chats through
  • When you begin and report your position every 15 minutes while standing by.
  • Once you receive a job, provide dispatch an eta to the pick up point. Advise dispatch of any wait time, changes in pieces or weight, any accessorial charges or any other discrepancies.
  • Advise eta to delivery or next stop. Repeat for all subsequent stops/standby times.
  • With a few exceptions, customers should not be contacted by drivers unless dispatch instructs you to do so
  • Dispatch is required to keep the customer updated in real time, so it is imperative that the drivers also update dispatch in real time.
  • If you don’t get a response within a minute or two after sending messages to dispatch, first resend the message, then call dispatch at 877-243-8733x1. (Please be mindful that in busy times, you may be put on hold).

MobileTek Basics

Below please find your Client Number and Security Code which will be required by your users to download and initialize MobileTek Core onto their device. 

  • Client Number- 602
  • Security Code- 596582

Below are some Install Instructions for MobileTek Core users as well as the attached the MobileTek Core Manual:

iOS (iOS 12.0 or higher)

  1. Go to the Apple App Store (iPhone).
  2. Search for “MobileTek Core”.
  3. Download and Install.
  4. You will need to enter your Client number and Security code.

Android (6.0 or higher)

  1. Go to the Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Search for “MobileTek Core”.
  3. Download and Install.
  4. You will need to enter your Client number and Security code.

Specimen Transport 

All medical couriers should be prepared for all temperatures at all times

  • Room Temp bag
  • Refrigerated cooler with 4 freezer gel packs
  • Dry Ice bag cooler with a minimum of 2-3 pounds of dry ice (note all frozen specimens need to be transported fully covered on all sides with dry ice and in direct contact with the dry ice - no paper bags, which are insulators and can thaw the specimen)
  • If the temperature of the specimen does not match the temperature in your job, contact dispatch immediately!
  • Be aware of how fragile these specimens are as some are glass slides, some liquids and formalin that break or spill. (Spill kits should be carried at all times)

Accessorial Charges 

Report these to dispatch immediately:

  • Wait/load time (this is important for charging the customer as well as determining if a job is late or not)
  • Inside Delivery (15 boxes or more or hand carrying items above the 2nd floor without an elevator)
  • Oversized packages (36” or more) or Oversized pallets (larger than 48 inches square)
  • Wrong address
  • 2nd attempt for pick up or delivery
  • Dry ice purchases

Pickup Procedures At pickups you should provide the following:

  • What you are picking up: example - 2 frozen specimens or 3 boxes)
  • Where is it going: example - going to Machaon (not going to Berkely)
  • Verify that you are picking up the correct items and amount of items. If different, contact dispatch.

POD Procedures All PODs should include:

  • Number of pieces you delivered
  • Temperatures of temperature controlled items
  • Full name of the person receiving the item
  • Examples: (non-medical)“2 boxes John Smith”, medical “1ref2rt3frz John Smith”, All airport deliveries “AWB#123456789, 3 boxes John Smith” (Airport deliveries must upload all the documents to the job and retain paperwork for 30 days)

Paperwork (BOL) Procedures

  • All paperwork for a job should include the job number, and first and last name of the recipient.
  • Once complete, paperwork should be uploaded to the job via ecMobile via the “Photo” button below the POD name. If you cannot upload the picture to the job, email the picture to and the subject line should be the job number. This includes receipts for Machaon dry ice deliveries where we buy dry ice for them.

Tracking Devices

Some shipments recovered from the airport need to have a tracking device removed and brought to the office. You will be paid for this extra stop and this needs to be returned as soon as possible.


  • Drivers are always needed for airport deliveries.
  • ALL airport deliveries must be completed by ONLY TSA drivers
  • Please contact Unna Edmonds ( for more information on receiving this specialized training.

On Time Deliveries

Am-Tran prides itself on deliveries that are made on time and to the customer’s expectations. Every effort should be made to ensure all deliveries are made within the timeframe provided.

Be Proactive!

Dispatch is your first and primary point of contact! Drivers need to be proactive and communicate constantly any kinds of delays or hurdles that present themselves that will affect deliveries being made properly and on time. Communicate all information to dispatch via IM that will assist in meeting this goal. Examples are being asked to wait, heavy traffic patterns, news alerts of traffic issues, items that do not match the description of what we were requested to pick up (piece counts, temperatures, sizes). The more information we can exchange the better the team we will be! We really rely on each other for success!

Dispatch Manager Contact

The best way to contact the dispatch manager for a quick response is through Google Chat at