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Closing Out Round-Trip Jobs

This video will focus on closing out round-trip jobs. This a continuation of our Am-Tran video training series.

Welcome. This is a continuation of our Am-Tran training video series. This video will focus on closing out round trip jobs.

Once you have accepted your jobs, you will see your scheduled orders in the following format. On the left side of the screen will show Job Number, Number of Packages, Pickup Window, Company Information including name, address, suite number, city, state and zip code.

Just beneath that, you'll find the customer's Tracking Number and Service Level.

On the right side of the screen will show the delivery, weight of the items you're picking up, company information, including the name, address, suite number, city, state, zip, and zip code.

Just beneath that will be what specifically you're picking up. And underneath that you'll see special instructions, in this case a round trip.

So go ahead and select Arrive on the bottom left.

Anytime during the job, you can also toggle back and forth to tabs between detail pickup drop off and package if needed. On Android, you will see along the top of the screen and on iPhone. You'll see him along the bottom of your screen.

So that will take you to the pickup information window.

So go ahead and click pick up information. Once you're there, you're ready to pick up and you have everything on board. Go ahead and press Depart on the bottom right, sign it, Submit, done.

And in the Name field, put a brief description of what you're picking up, the name of the person you're picking up from, and the area you picked up from.

If a picture needs to be documented, hit the camera icon to take a picture, Save, and then complete your job.

Once everything has been completed, you can hit complete bottom right.

You will get a prompt confirm your next delivery, so you can just confirm your next delivery. This will take you back to your delivery screen.

You want to do the same process when you arrive at the delivery. So arrive on the bottom left, depart on the bottom right, and then you'll get a another reminder. This is a round trip order please ensure all pieces have been received. Okay, select okay. So signing, submit, done.

In the main section, you want to put again a brief description of what you're dropping off and picking up, the name of the person you deliver to, and the area you're picking you're dropping off to.

If a patient needs to be documented, just click the camera icon take the picture, save and complete the job. Complete on your bottom right

A another reminder, this order will require a round trip signature before it can be completed. Okay.

This next screen will prompt you to confirm your next delivery. Please hit dismiss and it will return you to the detailed screen.

At this point, once you hit the back, you can hit the back button on your top left and it will take you back to your manifest. On this screen, you will see all the information pertaining to the round trip. The last location now shows on the right of your screen.

From this point forward, the stop can be closed out as usual.

And as always, for any questions or items to be updated, please contact dispatch. That concludes this video on how to close out round trip jobs. Stay tuned for more Am-Tran training videos, thank you.