Am-Tran / K & L Trucking has roots dating back to 1979. For over thirty years the Company has provided reliable warehousing, courier, freight and delivery service to businesses throughout California. Whether its a small tissue sample from a doctor to a laboratory, or a truckload of construction materials from a warehouse to the job site, Am-Tran / K&L Trucking handles each assignment with a passion for perfection.

Throughout the years Am-Tran / K & L Trucking has trained its employees to consistently meet the highest standards of customer service while at the same time investing in technology that drives down cost. Our drivers are trained in handling hazardous and biohazardous materials, are TSA certified, and equipped with sophisticated equipment that enables their loads to be tracked electronically from dispatch to pick up to delivery.

Looking to the future, Am-Tran / K & L Trucking is dedicated to maximize efficiency and drive down cost. We look to partner with our customers in this effort and to share the rewards across the board. Give us a call at 877 243 8733 for all your courier, messenger, freight and delivery needs in San Francisco, Bay Area, San Jose and Northern California. You’ll like doing business with us!

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"Reliable, Affordable, Friendly, and able to accommodate our oversized packages, Am - Tran has been our courier of choice for years and we'll continue to use them in the future."
Rory O'Neill
Dynamite Digital
San Francisco, CA

Dynamite Digital